“Jorge Cruz Pinto e Cristina
Mantas, Architects” founded in 1992.


Having developed complementary practices and their own personal and career

pathways, their architectural distinctive features must be highlighted:


_ Integrated Design in the fields of Urban desigh

_ Architectural design

_ Product design

_ Rehabilitation

_ Restoration and Enhancement of Architectural and Urban heritage


Comprising the complementarities betwen the following forms of expression:


_ Aesthetic and symbolic, inovative and culturaly based

_ With tecnological content and constructive racionality related

_ Ecological and environmental friendly, attending to site, technical

materials and economical resources and socio-cultural context specificities.


Program experiencies: banking establishment; public and comercial services,

school, hotel and turist, religious, cultural, playhouses, auditoriums

and indutrial equipments. Coordination and implementation of all technical

engineering projects and worksite monitoring.